Quanser offers a unique line of products designed explicitly to introduce undergraduate and graduate students to the core dynamic, control, and mechatronic challenges of modern flight systems.

3 DOF Gyroscope

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The principles demonstrated by the Quanser 3 DOF Gyroscope are relevant in technologies used to control orientation in sea, air and space vehicles. Extensive applications of the 3 DOF Gyroscope include altitude control, momentum wheel control, navigation, satellite orientation and auto-pilot systems. Furthermore, gyroscopic sensors are now found in a wide range of technical devices such as smart phones, tablets, video game controllers, and so on. Your students can cultivate a deep understanding of control theories through real-life applications.

3 DOF Helicopter

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The 3 DOF Helicopter experiment provides a bench top model of a Tandem rotor helicopter. It can be used to understand and develop control laws for a vehicle that has dynamics representative of a dual rotor rigid body helicopter, or any device with similar dynamics.

3 DOF Hover

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The 3 DOF Hover experiment provides an economical test bed to understand and develop control laws for flight dynamics and control of vehicles with vertical lift off.

Quanser AERO

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The Quanser AERO is a fully integrated dual-motor lab experiment, designed for advanced control research and aerospace applications, that can also be used for teaching control concepts at the undergraduate level.