Industrial Applications & Process Control

Active Suspension

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The Active Suspension experiment teaches cutting-edge technology that has brought a new generation of vehicles to life. Active suspension technology is used in the automotive industry to continuously control the vertical movement of the vehicle wheel using an actively-controlled actuator placed on the suspension axis. Similar technologies have also been used in train bogies to improve the curving behavior of the train and the decreased acceleration perceived by the passenger.

Coupled Tanks

Re-configurable process control experiment that enables students to perform a wide array of modeling and control-related laboratories

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The Coupled Tanks system is a process control experiment ideal for teaching and research of control topics related to liquid level control.

Magnetic Levitation

Classic electro-mechanical experiment for nonlinear dynamics and control challenges

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The Quanser Magnetic Levitation device is a single degree of freedom electromagnet-based system that allows users to levitate a ball vertically up and down. The overhead electromagnet generates an attractive force on the metal ball that initially sits on the post. The position of the ball is measured using a photo-sensitive sensor embedded inside the post. The system also includes a current sensor to measure the current inside the electromagnet’s coil.