Bending Coating Tester


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The device allows to measure the elasticity and strength of coatings through bending the metal plate with tested coating applied around a set of cylindrical rods with diameters of rods from 2 mm to 32 mm (other diameters on request). The device complies with ISO 1519-73 and applies to paints and specifies a method for determining the elasticity of the film during bending. The method consist in the determining of the minimum diameter of the cylindrical metal rod, after bending around it, the painted metal plate, does not get the mechanical destruction or delamination of single- or multi-layer paint film (ISO 1519, DIN 53 152). Flexibility is tested by rounding the tin plate with coating around the cylindrical rod with diameter from 2 to 32 mm. The flexibility value of coating with certain film thickness - is the smallest diameter of rod, when cracking does not occur.

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