Servicing the test & measurement market

When National Instruments took a decision to pursue a distribution model in Southern Africa, Test Dynamics was formed to provide continued representation of the National Instruments brand locally.

Started by three ex National Instruments employees, Test Dynamics is perfectly positioned to provide the local market with access to a superior portfolio of products. All Test Dynamics employees are graduates of either Electronic Engineering or Physics and have the requisite technical knowledge and acumen to assist in the specifying and engineering of complex test and measurement systems.

The synthesis of high-quality digitising hardware, together with software, has been the essence of the National Instruments approach since its inception and more recently this philosophy has been driven even closer to the hardware with open architecture digitisers and FPGA based platforms that have provided users with firmware level access to customise their instruments to very particular requirements.

Test Dynamics’ sales manager, Stephen Plumb says: “We can also offer training on the platforms to ensure that our customers are able to make the best use of the tools. Some customers prefer to have a turnkey solution, so we will continue to work with the National Instruments Alliance Partner network to assist customers that do not wish to engineer solutions in-house.”

Building a strong base

In addition to the National Instruments products, Test Dynamics also represents a number of globally recognised technology suppliers, including Mac Panel Interconnect, Quanser, Magtrol and Micron Optics.

Mac Panel Interconnect specialises in mass interconnects for high-density test systems; Quanser focuses on teaching and research of controls within the academic space; and Magtrol supplies high-precision torque transducers.

Micron Optics has been partnering with National Instruments for fibre optic measurements of strain, temperature and displacement in environments where traditional measurements are not easy due to factors such as high EMC or risk of lightning. They have solutions for both low- and high-speed fibre sensing that are easy to incorporate within the LabVIEW environment to build a mixed measurement system.

Did you know?

LabVIEW has been around for 33 years, giving National Instruments unrivalled experience in bringing software-defined instrumentation to market. Find out more about Test Dynamics