Connect, deploy, and manage distributed test and measurement systems

National Instruments’ SystemLink software delivers measurable improvements in operational efficiency and productivity by providing users with a centralised web-based management interface for connected devices, software, and data. This open architecture incorporates a wide range of both National Instruments as well as third-party software and hardware technologies SystemLink software manages tasks such as software deployment, device configuration, health and test monitoring, and data management and visualisation.

Systems management:

  • Configuration & deployment - Optimise the efficiency of system configuration tasks, such as software deployment, device management, and diagnostics.
  • Health & performance – Improve system uptime and performance with centralised monitoring services, configurable alarms, and an email notification workflow.

Data management services:

  • Search and manage measurement data – Reduce the time spent searching and standardising measurement data by using DataFinder Server to automate data standardisation and enable data searching regardless of file format and location.
  • Analyse and report measurement data – Efficiently process your data and derive value from it by using Analysis Server to automate data analysis and report generation.

Data visualisation services:

  • Visualisation and remote operations – Accelerate the development of real-time monitoring applications and remote operator interfaces with high-performance data services and configuration-based graphical design tools.
  • SystemLink cloud – Take your data visualisations to the cloud with an NI-hosted service that lets you publish data to graphical dashboards and WebVIs in a secure, high-performance architecture.

Automated test insights:

  • Test monitoring – Increase test efficiency and minimise test downtime with software that monitors and reports the status, results, and operational parameters of automated tests.