What Is InsightCM™ Software?

InsightCM is application software for condition monitoring with full access to waveforms, multiple sensor technology inputs, and enterprise software connectivity.

InsightCM online asset monitoring software is for subject matter experts and maintenance professionals who need full access to waveform data, multiple sensor technology inputs, connectivity to existing enterprise software packages, and a variety of configuration options for alarms and data management. InsightCM can connect to deployment-ready NI Monitoring Devices, or you can use the Software Development Kit for InsightCM to customise it to integrate with third-party hardware and software. You can use this flexible technology to monitor a larger percentage of your asset mix and drive predictive maintenance programmes.

InsightCM helps maintenance managers and reliability engineers manage asset health with tools for monitoring and responding to potential asset health issues.

1. Remotely diagnose asset health

Diagnose potential faults from anywhere with a web-based interface for viewing asset health data and tools such as statistics, data viewers, and alarms. Imagine a scenario where two different assets from two different plants are experiencing potential faults. Which one is more likely to contribute to an outage and needs more attention? If deciding between two assets is difficult, think about how difficult it is when you have 10 000. Remote diagnostics help maintenance teams view asset health data for all of their distributed assets to better decide where to deploy valuable resources like subject matter experts, troubleshooting equipment, and spares. Some of the benefits include:

  • InsightCM provides subject matter experts and maintenance professionals with a single tool with full access to waveform data, connectivity to existing enterprise software packages, and a variety of configuration options for alarms and data management.
  • Access asset health data from any web browser by logging in to the InsightCM web client interface.
  • InsightCM can connect to a wide array of different sensor technology inputs such as vibration, temperature, electromagnetic signature analysis, and motor current signature analysis.

2. Monitor any asset

InsightCM Software can monitor any asset, such as pumps, motors, and turbines, with a broad range of sensor technologies such as vibration, temperature, and pressure. Analysts use more than vibration to diagnose machine health problems. InsightCM supports multiple sensor technologies, so experts can monitor various failure modes and cross-check their diagnosis for greater confidence. Supported measurement technologies beyond the standard vibration measurements include MCSA, EMSA, and thermography. Some of the benefits include:

  • InsightCM can connect to almost any sensor to cover a wide range of sensor technologies, such as vibration, temperature, electromagnetic signature analysis, and motor current signature analysis.
  • With a wide variety of monitoring devices, you can map the technology to different assets based on criticality, regulatory needs, or history of failure.
  • Ensure your predictive maintenance system is future-proof with the openness to connect to any new sensors, analytics and machine learning tools, or enterprise software your team may adopt.

3.Collect better asset data

InsightCM Software can eliminate useless asset data with intelligent hardware at the edge, configurable data collection behaviours, and alarms and notifications. Moving from route-based data collection to an automated system where data can come in multiple times an hour could overwhelm analysts that don’t have a way to screen data. InsightCM helps maintenance teams set alarms and data capture conditions based on standard calculations. InsightCM also has an alarm baselining feature that automatically sets statistics-based alarm thresholds created using previously captured data from healthy operation. Some of the benefits include:

  • Get notified when an asset experiences potential machine health issues with configurable alarms and notifications.
  • Set data collection parameters based on different asset operating states, such as startup, steady state, and coast-down, or when machine health data exceeds a set threshold.
  • NI monitoring devices are specifically configured for distributed monitoring with NI InsightCM. With this platform, companies can cost-effectively deploy online monitoring devices to a greater percentage of assets. These devices support a wide range of analogue and digital sensory input options for continuous real-time monitoring and alarming. Through NI InsightCM, configurations for the channel and sensor information can be provided.

4. Use existing software tools

InsightCM is a tool for maintenance engineers designed to run on IT-owned networks. Share your data with a variety of other technologies used for plant maintenance — and add quality maintenance data to your maintenance toolbox. Being able to integrate with your existing software tools and investments reduces change and gives you the flexibility to choose the right software technology to meet specific requirements. Some of the benefits include:

  • InsightCM can integrate with your existing IT infrastructure investments, such as network infrastructure, security settings, and user authentication configurations, to more effectively collect data to improve the performance of the facility.
  • Leverage existing technology investments in data historian software, such as OSIsoft PI, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, computerised maintenance management systems (CMMSs), and other enterprise software packages.
  • NI’s network of monitoring specialty partners provide both asset monitoring domain expertise as well as solution integration services.

What hardware can I use with InsightCM?

Monitor assets with rugged InsightCM hardware deployed at the edge. Never miss a startup with 24/7 data screening in the field for user-configured trigger conditions like startup, exceeded limits, and elapsed time. Wireless hardware options reduce installation costs by eliminating the need for running cable and conduit.

  • Wireless vibration measurement device. Connects sensors wirelessly to monitor vibration, temperature, voltage, and more.
  • Wireless vibration sensor. Contains an integrated triaxial accelerometer and temperature sensor and wirelessly transmits asset health data to InsightCM™ software.
  • Continuous monitoring system. Provides intelligent logging of event-driven sensor data, which enables you to reduce the overall data volume and isolate important asset events.