Bluetooth Test Toolkit

RFmx Bluetooth is an optimised API for performing physical-layer measurements on Bluetooth cellular signals.

RFmx Bluetooth is application software that provides simple access to advanced optimisation techniques such as multi-measurement parallelism and multi-DUT measurements. The result is fast, high-quality measurements with minimal software development effort. RFmx Bluetooth supports making modulation accuracy, transmit power, and adjacent channel power (ACPR) measurements on both low energy and enhanced data rate physical layer signals. RFmx Bluetooth is completely interoperable with all RFmx APIs.

The Bluetooth Test Toolkit gives you direct and fine control over the generation and analysis of Bluetooth waveforms with industry-leading speed and accuracy. Use the Bluetooth Test Toolkit to characterise a variety of Bluetooth connectivity products, such as RF front end components, wireless modules, and end user devices.

The Bluetooth Test Toolkit gives you the flexibility to control your measurement system manually with the toolkit’s generation and analysis soft front panels, as well as to automate your bench with an extensive system design software API for LabVIEW, C, or .NET.

You will benefit from a large collection of available example code when programming and automating your Bluetooth measurement systems. Characterise your device with the toolkit’s comprehensive support for the latest features of the Bluetooth standard, including low-energy, extended payload, and long-range packets that are part of the Bluetooth 5.0 standard.

The Bluetooth Test Toolkit includes an API for LabVIEW, C, and .NET, with which you can create custom code for all kinds of test scenarios or custom settings. The API gives you fine control over the Bluetooth packets and it includes an extensive library of example code to get you started quickly on the many different Bluetooth measurements for the various types of packets, including Bluetooth Low Energy.