Tackling your research challenges

We would like to bring your attention to a case study covering drone defence systems.

Given your role, we imagine that you face challenges like maximising engineering productivity and delivering systems on budget and on time, to meet time-to-market or programme constraints. Working with defence contractors and research labs, we’ve been able to help them to develop technologies faster, to meet aggressive schedules and deal with emerging threats, by adopting a COTS software defined radio approach.
If you are open to having a 10-15-minute discussion, the topics below may be a good area for us to start:   

  • Learn more about your role and how your success is evaluated.
  • Understand more about your current research and design challenges, and your greatest source of risk.
  • Discuss your current approach and how it influences your prioritisation.

By the end of the meeting, we'll have a better idea about how we might work together to address your current challenges, and if so, decide what next steps make the most sense. Feel free to suggest any other topics or make any changes to the proposed agenda above.
In preparation for our call, we’re also including some resources explaining examples of software defined radio being used in radar and signals intelligence applications.