Improve operational efficiency and productivity with SystemLink

SystemLink™ software can improve operational efficiency and productivity by providing web-based software for managing connected systems, software configurations, test results and measurement data.

Distributed by Test Dynamics, the SystemLink software is not only suitable for use with National Instruments products such as LabVIEW, TestStand, and various hardware, but it also includes tools for incorporating a wide range of third-party software and hardware technologies.

According to Stephen Plumb, sales manager at Test Dynamics, managing configuration activities for a fleet of distributed test and measurement systems can be daunting, especially when systems incorporate a variety of device configurations and software combinations. “SystemLink is designed specifically to improve these configuration processes by providing a central web application for tasks such as software installation, device updates, and diagnostic functions.”

The software is also extremely useful for improving system uptime and monitoring the performance of test and measurement assets. Plumb points out that continuous monitoring of system health and performance is essential for test throughput and production continuity. “Detecting problems early can prevent minor system issues from becoming major operational disruptions. SystemLink provides preconfigured system monitoring features and an open framework that you can use to connect custom application data with an alarms engine and notification workflow.”

“SystemLink provides a test sequence monitoring option that live reports test results in a web application. A centralised web application displays test execution details across a collection of networked test stations. You can access pass/fail status at the sequence and step level as well as attached test reports. Using this feature, users can create custom dashboards and SystemLink publishes test results as tag data that is accessible to the Dashboard Builder, so you can create unique web interfaces to track and monitor test activity,” says Plumb.

Another feature available within the software is the SystemLink Cloud for data visualisation. This is a hosted service in a secure, scalable cloud-computing environment that enables development teams to use the configuration-based SystemLink Dashboard Builder and integrates with the LabVIEW NXG Web Module.