EV Battery Test (Pack and Module)

The BTS (Battery Test System) is a solution for testing automotive EV battery packs and modules in validation workflows. This solution can be used for performance characterization, durability testing, lifetime testing, and more.

The BTS combines NI software (VeriStand, TestStand, and optionally SystemLink) and application-specific IP (custom devices in VeriStand, etc.) with a measurement rack (ATE core config + cRIO + RMX power supplies + optional cDAQ IO expansion, etc.), in-chamber measurements (FieldDAQ), and connectivity to 3rd party battery cyclers (through custom devices in NI VeriStand). NI provided battery cyclers are planned for a future release.

The BTS is designed with features that address specific challenges in the battery pack and module validation workflow. These features, taken together, help battery test teams optimize their workflows and realize benefits that turn test to a competitive advantage.

Flexible System Architecture

  • Aliases and Channel Mapping: Flexible system configuration for simplified test setup and customization, easily switch out equipment as needed without modifying the rest of the application.
  • Modular and expandable C Series I/O: expand channel counts and add mixed measurements

3rd Party Equipment Integration (Battery Cyclers, Thermal Chambers, Chillers, etc.)

  • Instrument Add-ons: Hardware abstraction layer and configuration-based communications and control setup for 3rd party equipment.

System Simulation

  • VeriStand DUT and equipment models: decouple software development from hardware availability to validate test scripts without equipment present to speed up development and de-risk system deployments.

In-Chamber Measurements

  • FieldDAQ rugged synchronized IP-rated DAQ devices: Use them to move instrumentation inside a thermal chamber, reduce cabling, and accelerate test setup (instrument DUT rig separate from test station).

Long-term Lossless Logging

  • TestStand RT Sequences: Integrate VeriStand and TestStand for test scripting and long-term test stability.
  • Datalogger and black box recorder: Never lose data. Capture and learn from critical events.

Integrated Systems and Data Management

  • SystemLink Custom Device: Publish tags to see system status and reporting anywhere, anytime.
  • SystemLink Systems/Data/Test Management Tools: Implement mass system config and updates, on-site and remote test monitoring, and test, data, and DUT databases to increase operational efficiency and productivity and decrease system commissioning time.